Custom Beard Oil 30ml choose up to 4 scents!

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Don't see a scent that's right for you? then make your own custom scent, choose up to 4 scents from the drop down boxes, we will be adding more fantastic scents to choose from! still don't see what you want? use the contact form to send over suggestions and we will do our best to bring you your favourite scents!


Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is rich in various minerals such as Vitamins A, B and E. It moisturises and softens the skin and makes hair look healthy and shiny.

Grape Seed Oil
This Oil is great for moisturising and conditioning dry hair, as it locks in moisture, which prevents frizzy and brittle hair.

Jojoba oil

is packed with vitamins and minerals that facial hair and the underlying skin loves, such as vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, selenium, copper, chromium, and iodine.

 Not suitable for those with nut allergies.